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3 incredible beaches, 1 sun-drenched day

Golden sands, crystal clear waters and quintessentially quaint warungs — the beach scene in Uluwatu is simply peerless. 

To visit just one of these idyllic slices of paradise during your stay would be a travesty, but for some travellers, time on the island may be against them. Beach hopping may be the best solution, and on Uluwatu’s bountiful coastline, you are effortlessly catered for. 

The sandy shores are so close to each other, visiting three — or even more — in a day is perfectly possible. Your triage of sensationally sandy and sun-drenched destinations may differ due to personal preferences, but below is an example of how you can see the best of Uluwatu’s beautiful beaches in one memorable day.


For breakfast, Uluwatu’s west coastline offers a host of sea-view cafes, serving delectable cuisine amid stunning early morning views.

But for a truly elegant and delicious breakfast, head to Labuansait Rd and find Bukit Cafe. This is a fresh and innovative eatery that is perfect for couples, families and surfers alike. The bright and airy interior features a rustic and elegant decor and is surrounded by tropical flowers. For breakfast, Bukit Cafe serves generous, healthy and innovative portions that will always leave you satisfied.

This picturesque eatery is sandwiched between two beaches, Bingin and Padang Padang, but to allow your stomach to digest in more relaxed surrounds, head further north and set up on Dreamland Beach. 

One of the top sandy destinations on the island, it remains relatively secluded despite renewed and improved access points via the Pecatu Graha and Pecatu Indah Resorts. Enjoy some of Uluwatu’s best reef breaks near the shore or lay back on a rented deck chair in privacy as you soak up the morning sun. 

If you’re still peckish or require some refreshments, there’s a scattering of warungs and beach paddlers offering cold soft drinks to refresh parched lips.


As the morning comes to a close and the midday sun beats down, it’s time to take a break and find somewhere for lunch beneath some much-needed shade. 

If you take the short trip back down to Padang Padang beach you’ll uncover Dugong Restaurant Bar & Lounge  — a truly brilliant lunch experience. 

The ingredients are locally sourced to give a true taste of Indonesia, while you dine in a sustainable, yet sophisticated open-air bamboo house where you get to enjoy a panoramic 220 metre-high clifftop ocean view.

Sumptuous signature dishes include the chef’s Coconut Salad, a refreshing starter brimming with broccoli, cucumber and coconut. For those wanting some of the more exotic Asian plates, choose the steamed south-Asian turbot with soy bouillon, or the chicken wrapped in banana leaf is on hand if you’re craving some classic Indonesian cuisine.

Once you’ve enjoyed a first-class meal, head straight down to Padang Padang beach — a small piece of paradise. Surrounded by majestic cliff faces creating a semi-circular cove, there’s white sands, clear waters and lush greenery that overhangs elegantly from above.

Not only is this the best beach in Uluwatu for swimming, but Padang Padang is also world-renowned for its surf breaks into the bay. You can either laze the afternoon away under some shade or rent a surfboard from a shack and ask one of the locals to take you out for a lesson.


After a couple of hours, you may start getting itchy feet. But even if you’re not, it’s time to move on because the next location awaits — and it’s the most idyllic spot for a sunset.

There’s the stunning Thomas Beach just to the south, but if you head around the coast a little further, Sundays Beach Club provides the perfect destination to round off the day. 

Situated at the bottom of the luxurious Ungasan Clifftop Resort, the walk through its beautifully manicured gardens truly sets the scene for what’s to come. This botanical and luscious landscape gives way to a funicular that takes you down to the bay below. The views on the way down are simply incredible — especially if you’re going for sunset.         

Once at the bottom, one of Sundays’ attentive and friendly staff will escort you to a daybed or beanbag on the sand that’s been brought out especially for sundown. If you fancy a snack or drink, then the bar offers a selection of comforting and local cuisine as well as expertly mixed cocktails. If you arrive between the hours of 5-6pm, then you can enjoy half-price cocktails and Bintang beer as part of Sundays’ happy hour.

A sunset in Uluwatu is always special, but this beach brings a uniquely private quality to this daily metamorphosis. Lie back on silky sand or your beanbag as the skyline begins to change to brilliant shades of oranges and purples. The beautiful colours only enhance and multiply, the tones then begin to cool to create a mesmeric contrast against the blue ocean as the curtains are drawn on your spectacular beach day in Uluwatu. 

But at Sundays, the day is far from over. The staff light an array of small crackling bonfires where you can roast tasty marshmallows while sipping a glass of bubbles with a loved one. The music is gradually turned up and the beat is increased as the night progresses amid the picturesque moonlit scene of people, sand and ocean.

*Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, opening times and closures are subject to government guidelines.

3 incredible beaches in Uluwatu

To visit just one of Bali’s beaches in Uluwatu during your stay would be a travesty, but for some travellers, time on the island may be against them. Beach hopping may be the best solution, and on Uluwatu’s bountiful coastline, you are effortlessly catered for. The three beaches we recommend to visit in Bali are Dreamland Beach, Padang Padang Beach and Sundays Beach Club.

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