Uluwatu Experience Guide

Experience the best of Uluwatu

Stunning. Beautiful. Magnificent. Bali’s vivacious southern tip is truly something to behold. Breathtaking beaches, indulgent bars and restaurants, memorable experiences and intriguing local culture — Uluwatu has it all. There’s so much to do and see in this region, so let this be your guide to unlocking its bountiful adventures and making the most of your stay in Bali.

    Spend The Day: What To Do In Uluwatu

    Where rugged cliffs spill down to greet the Indian Ocean and Bali’s most beautiful beaches, you’ll find Uluwatu. Located on the southernmost...

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    Your Next Travel Read: The Very Best Books About Bali

    From books that invite you on a journey through Bali’s landscapes and culture to those that venture on a design-led exploration of its...

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    The Handicrafts of Uluwatu Market: Supporting Local Bali Artisans

    A haven where local craft and artisanal flair shine—it must be Bali. Home to many self-taught artists who...

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    Batik Design: The Traditions and Beauty of The Indonesian Dye Technique

    A beautiful and ancient art form spanning centuries and continents, batik is the age-old Indonesian...

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    Balinese Decor and Interior Design Inspiration For Your Home

    Embracing the guiding principles of simplicity, sustainability and nature, carefully selected Balinese decor...

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    Yoga in Bali: Unlock Inner Peace and Serenity

    Instilling a sense of inner calm and tranquillity, yoga offers myriad benefits for both your physical and...

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    Hiking in Bali: Scenic Trails and Natural Treasures

    Hiking in Bali is one of the greatest ways to truly discover the island’s biodiversity and natural wonder....

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    A Handpicked Selection of Museums in Bali

    Peeling back the layers of Bali’s rich culture and heritage is a treat for all who visit from near or far to...

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    Unveiling The Wonders of Bali Diving

    Bali offers an underwater playground for scuba diving discoveries. Whether you’re a beginner keen to uncover...

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