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The Beauty of the Land of the Gods: Bali’s Best Photo Spots

A picture can speak a thousand words and capture a special moment in time, allowing it to become everlasting. The possibilities of capturing the beauty of Bali are endless, with its treasure trove of green landscapes, cultural richness and tranquil beaches waiting to be brought to life through varying camera angles, differing perspectives and the added individuality of each and every person who captures it.

Bali’s best photo spots can be uncovered across the entire island and it’s easy to see why. With a varied landscape of terraced rice fields, waterfalls, white sand beaches, rugged hills and mountains, and not forgetting a collection of picturesque cafes, bars and restaurants, you’ll be capturing some exceptional moments here.

Sekumpul Waterfall

When it comes to beautiful waterfalls, Sekumpul waterfall scores high on the scale. Known locally as Air Terjun Sekumpul, you’ll discover this waterfall cascading amongst a lush green oasis. It offers an otherworldly, jurassic-like appearance, boasting seven waterfalls within one area, making for one of Bali’s best photos. The twin falls powerfully drop 80 metres to the valley floor, creating a misty environment, highlighted by streaks of sunlight glistening off the water as it spills over deep green forestry and hills.

Located in the north of Bali, the waterfall is approximately three hours from Uluwatu, but well worth the journey to see such a spectacular and ethereal natural formation. Whether perched on the rocks in front of the waterfall or swimming in the shallow pool, the photographic opportunities are plentiful.

Distance to waterfall: 1.9km each way

Difficulty: Easy – moderate

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

The Jatiluwih Rice Terraces is one of Bali’s famous photo spots and makes for picture perfect moments any time of day, but to capture their true beauty, a sunrise trip is preferred. Stretching endlessly to over 600 hectares, the rice terraces are intimate and quiet, providing a tranquil backdrop for your photos. Not only this, but you’ll also get to enjoy the authentic feel of the local, peaceful farming life that bustles around you. Capturing the wondrous terraced layout of the Jatiluwih rice fields is a great way to commemorate the beauty of Balinese traditions for years to come. 

Whether you take to an elevated viewpoint that affords views of Mount Agung and Mount Abang in the distance, hike through the rice fields to really immerse yourself within your surroundings, or stop for a bite to eat, the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces will provide you with an array of Instagram-friendly photo spots.

Best months to visit: February until May and September to November

Uluwatu Temple

You’ll struggle to find a more magnificent backdrop for your photo than Uluwatu Temple. Known locally as Pura Luhur Uluwatu, this key Balinese temple embodies the island’s culture and soul. Perched on a cliff approximately 70 metres above sea level, the perfect photo comes to life amid crashing waves and rugged greenery strewn coastline. Two grand and ancient entrances reveal an elegant concrete walkway, as well as an inner courtyard with botanical hanging trees and stately statues that reside inside. Of course, you’re in Bali, and wherever you are in the Land of the Gods, a spellbinding sunset always adds glittering brilliance to any setting—consider visiting at this time of day for a truly golden snapshot.

Sundays Beach Club

Everything’s better at Sundays. For Bali beach photos, it doesn’t get much better than snapping your day at Sundays Beach Club, with its tranquil atmosphere and iconic blue bean bags and white parasol combo. With the rugged greenery covered cliffs as your backdrop, the scene that plays out before you is a whirlwind of colour and unhindered relaxation. Whether it’s with a cocktail in hand, taking to the waters on the transparent kayaks, watching the sunset from your VIP sunbed, or toasting marshmallows on the bonfire, Sundays brings to the fore a collection of picturesque moments, allowing you to capture something special every time.

Melasti Beach

Situated in Ungasan, Melasti Beach boasts beautiful white sands hidden by a large limestone cliff. One of the stars of Uluwatu, the beach’s popularity comes from its offering of calm waters, ideal for whiling the day away switching between the refreshing sea waters and the sand. During low tide, the beach displays little rockpools that look charming as the crystal clear water laps back and forth. The beach doesn’t offer many watersports options, but this is a bonus for those wishing to capture the perfect photo with simply themselves in the frame or the secluded landscape. Visit at sunset as nature bids its final farewell for the day—at this time the rockpools become bathed in a golden glow that reflects off the shallow waters.

Karang Boma Cliff

Another sunset favourite in Uluwatu is the Karang Boma Cliff, a towering greenery shrouded cliff ledge on the southernmost tip of Bali that protrudes over the reef below with views of Uluwatu Temple along the coastline. Once used as a lookout point by the Balinese people, the cliff has a strategic location to give a clear, unobstructed view of the sea.For visitors, it offers panoramic vistas of the Indian Ocean. The two best times to capture prime photos are either sunrise, which sees fewer crowds, or sunset.

Whether you wish to take a selfie or encapsulate the enchantment of the landscape that plays out before you, this cliff formation is particularly striking in any scenario. Ensure you take appropriate precautions when standing to get a photo on the edge of the cliff.

Best months to visit: February until May

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