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Top 5 beaches in Uluwatu

Whether it’s for surf, pleasure or relaxation, Uluwatu encompasses some of the world’s finest and most picturesque beaches. The sheer variety of these idyllic shoreline sunspots can actually be quite overwhelming as each one presents its own unique character and style.

You can spend days traversing the coastline, picking out these preeminent sun-kissed gems, but there are a few local favourites that you should try if your time in Uluwatu is limited.

Sundays Beach Club 

Nestled down below the indulgent Ungasan Clifftop Resort, this marvellous location perfectly complements the six-star service found at the rest of the resort — expect a truly luxurious experience and Bali’s best day on the beach. 

An unrivalled and brilliant Uluwatu beach club awaits at the bottom of a picturesque funicular. There’s gourmet food served to the highest of standards, breezy parasols, comfy daybeds, A VIP Sundeck and Private Beach Bungalows, silky sand and, of course, a crystal clear lagoon to cool off from the midday sun. Sundays Beach Club makes a day at the beach an absolute pleasure.

With its twinkling, blue waters just a few sandy footsteps from your sunbed, diving straight into the ocean should be high up on your sun-soaked agenda. Sundays Beach Club is right behind this plan and offers complimentary kayaks, paddle-boards, fins, and snorkelling gear to take out onto the lagoon whenever you please.

It’s easy to lose track of time at Sundays as you switch between bronzing, paddling, snacking, drinking and exploring the lively coral reefs. When you need a break from relaxing, nestle in at the Ocean View Bar and choose your favourite drink from our menu of signature cocktails, classic mixes, craft beers, ciders and carefully curated international wines. And as the name suggests, savour that ocean view.

As the sun begins to set over the horizon at Sundays Beach Club, you’ll wonder how it all happened so quickly — but the day is not over yet. Linger until after sunset and bask in its beachfront bonfires, beanbags, marshmallows and nightly happy hours until late into the night. Lay back and enjoy a glass of champagne to sign off your incredible Bali day at Sundays Beach Club.

Thomas Beach

There’s a good reason why so many blogs, vlogs and articles place Thomas Beach as their favourite location on the island — it’s absolutely stunning. 

Located between Bingin and Padang Padang, this beautiful, blissful and bountiful Bali beach offers silky sand, crystal clear waters and plenty of space to find a private spot. As with many of these sun-drenched settings, the walk down to the glistening waters below is quite a steep one, but it’s well worth it once you’ve set up camp for the day. 

Despite its local popularity, this flies under the radar as a go-to tourist hotspot, meaning you’ll have plenty of room to yourself — a true slice of secluded heaven. Rent an umbrella on the sand for the day and watch the world go by, all the while sipping on a delicious and refreshing Kelapa (fresh coconut) you can purchase from the quaint bars that lie at the back of the beach.

During low tide, there are an array of rocky outcrops, small secluded bays and caves along the nearby coastline, but this gorgeous beach provides the perfect locale to simply take a refreshing dip at any time of the day. On occasion, when the beach picks up the swell that rolls in from the south, it’s even a great setting to surf some uncrowded waves.

Padang Padang Beach

One of the best beaches Uluwatu has to offer, Padang Padang, or Labuan Sait, is a small pocket of paradise, magnificently protected by the majestic cliffs that surround it. 

The short walk down to this beautifully blue and yellow retreat is enchanting. A narrow staircase leads down from the top of the cliffs and through a limestone cave that emerges on the shoreline. Be sure to watch out for those pesky monkeys that are extremely adept at snatching purses, sunglasses, hats, phones, food and drinks.

Once you reach the bottom, you’ll find yourself in a sensational semicircular cove with golden sands, surrounded by lush vegetation and verdant cliffs. At most times of the day, these provide an abundance of shady spots to seek some refuge from the hot sun, while there’s still plenty of space to effortlessly bronze. 

Not only is Padang Padang an excellent location for swimming, but it is also world-renowned for its surf breaks into the bay. The best time for this is generally in the dry season from May to October, when you can rent a surfboard from a local shack and ask one of the locals to take you out for some lessons. Looking back at this magnificent location from the beautiful bobbing ocean is just as impressive as standing on the sand and peering out to the two-blued horizon.

Dreamland Beach

Sometimes words can be deceiving, but Dreamland Beach certainly lives up to its name. 

Dreamland Beach is one of the ‘hidden’ beaches of Bali, offering stretches of white sand secluded by limestone cliffs that line the jagged coastline of the southern Bukit Peninsula. Although the location has become more accessible with the development of the Pecatu Graha and Pecatu Indah Resort projects, Dreamland Beach retains much of its rugged charm.

Enjoy some of Uluwatu’s best reef breaks near the shore or lay back on a rented deck chair and enjoy the peaceful sounds of waves crashing down into the bay. Much of the local warung food stall scene of yesteryear has depleted, but some small shops can be found with beach peddlers offering cold soft drinks to refresh parched lips. 

It’s highly recommended that you stay until the evening and wait for the gorgeous sunset before heading home.

Karma Beach

Set at the bottom of Uluwatu’s luxurious Karma Kandara resort, this remote beach and beach club is a gorgeous destination to indulge in ultimate opulence.

Down from Di Mare, the hotel’s main restaurant, is a small station from which you can catch a 3-4 minute funicular to Karma Beach Club. On the way down, don’t miss the stunning view that lies before you. During low tide, this pristine turquoise lagoon is separated from the deep blue sea by lines of rocks creating a colour cacophony of two-tone blues, crescent white sand and drifting bright yellow kayaks.

This beach club serves up an array of high-class dishes and drinks, from seafood, pizza, incredible fruit juices, and creamy gelato — it’s the perfect place for a quick lunch before stepping out onto the silky sand.

Take advantage of the private cabanas that line this setting and the extensive beer and wine lists touted by friendly staff who eagerly patrol the sands. The carefree scene benefits from a local DJ’s down-tempo tunes during the day, while after sunset the songs get more upbeat. 

There’s even a hidden beachside spa at Karma, providing expert massage treatments right by the sea. The stand-alone treatment rooms look over the cliffside, providing uninterrupted views of the bay and offering a unique and ultimately relaxing location to enjoy a traditional Balinese massage.

*Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, opening times and closures are subject to government guidelines.

Top 5 beaches in Uluwatu

Whether it’s for surf, pleasure or relaxation, Uluwatu encompasses some of the world’s finest and most picturesque beaches. The top 5 beaches in Uluwatu are Sundays Beach Club, Thomas Beach, Padang Padang Beach, Dreamland Beach and Karma Beach. 

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