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Exploring the Exquisite Allure of Bali Jewellery

Wherever you stumble upon artisan Bali jewellery, you’re sure to uncover an entire world of craftsmanship immersed in history and traditions. Many say that Bali is where you’ll find the best silver and goldsmiths in the world and with the use of ancient techniques combined with modern designs, it’s easy to see why. 

These ancient Balinese techniques feature fine filigree work, granulation and jawan, and are often passed down through generations of Balinese people. Filigree refers to the craft of tiny silver or gold beads soldered together with twisted threads to create intricate designs. Granulation utilises small dots of metal that usually cover the surface area of the piece. Finally, jawan is the technique of tiny spots of silver to create texture, often used as an alternative to chiselling or engraving. 

Discover where to find local Balinese jewellery with our guide featuring a selection of Bali jewellery stores.

Tulola Jewelry

Established in 2007 by designer, Sri Luce-Rusna, Tulola Jewelry breathes life into exceptional pieces of statement Bali jewellery, characterised by traditional Indonesian craft paired with modern concepts. Above all, the brand celebrates the traditions of age-old metalwork techniques, working with skilled local silversmiths. Using symbols and motifs found throughout Balinese and Indonesian history, Sri has created a collection that is fresh and authentic, whilst instilling each piece with a vintage beauty, making each and every piece timeless.

Each piece from Tulola Jewellery is intricate and detailed—a testament to the expert craftsmanship of silversmiths through the ages. Utilising 92.5% silver material plated with 18k yellow gold for gold pieces and 18k white rhodium for non-gold, the brand is dedicated to its partnerships, bringing to the market details hard to find anywhere else on the island. Both pearls and gemstones are set elegantly into place through exquisite designs. From engraved options to custom services, this is jewellery designed for those special occasions in your life.

Standout pieces include the Forgotten Garden Studs Green Quartz Gold Dip earrings, showcasing the true magnitude of Indonesian and Balinese technique, with intricate golden flowers and gems encased with filigree edging. The Vintage Gems collection offers an array of limited edition and made to order jewellery pieces, unlocking a lavish and sophisticated style. The Akar Beringin Red Garnet Ear Climber earrings are mesmerising, reminiscent of deer antlers and featuring dangling garnets.

Where: Seminyak, Jakarta

John Hardy 

Presenting an honest fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern design, John Hardy jewellery was born out of an artisan community in Bali in 1975. That community can now be found in Ubud at the Kapal Bamboo Boutique & Workshop, where over 600 of John Hardy’s master artisans draw from their metal work traditions and artistry culture. With a focus on environmentalism, all materials utilised throughout its jewellery collections is carefully and ethically sourced with minimal environmental impact, as well as a compliance with human rights standards. John Hardy’s ‘Jobs For Life’ program works to create employment opportunities for locals, including apprenticeships and good healthcare benefits. Using 100% reclaimed silver since 2012, the brand is dedicated to reducing their impact and working towards being more sustainable. 

Each piece, whether Bali gold jewellery or Bali silver jewellery is handmade using traditional Balinese metal work techniques, passed down through generations and can take anywhere from three months to 10 months to complete. Pieces range from statement to intricate and understated, with key pieces drawing the eye to the Naga necklace which depicts two Nagas holding a gold ring in their mouths, said to symbolise love, protection and prosperity. The Bamboo ring is a stacked ring featuring treated black sapphire that benefits the Environmental Bamboo Foundation with every purchase.

Where: Jakarta

Ohana Bali Silver

A glittering showcase of precious gemstones, Ohana Bali Silver brings forth a personal dream turned into reality via a collection of rings, earrings and pendants. The dreamer, founder, Kristina Young, started Ohana in 2005, after falling in love with the sparkling elegance of druzy stones whilst working within the interior design industry buying and selling stone collections. The result is the beautiful handicrafts of Ohana Bali Silver today that make use of 925 sterling silver, featuring the likes of moonstone rings and a king shell encased pendant. 

Ohana offers a bohemian style, with most recent additions including amber pendants and sea glass pieces mimicking the beauty and hues of the sea. Based in Legian, Ohana Bali Silver is a real love story that portrays the spellbinding nature of gemstones with Kristina Young’s passionate ethos threaded throughout—to encourage others to make an impact and transform lives. 

Where: Legian

Manika Jewelry

As a local brand in Bali, Manika Jewelry presents authentic handmade jewellery, founded in 2015 by Irene Setiawati. Uniquely, this Bali jewellery brand is made by combining brass with natural gemstones, pearl and other local materials and minerals. Working in collaboration with local artisans for over 20 years, Manika continues to work with new generations of craftsmen. Spanning rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, the style is characterised by a chunky statement look. Whilst Manika does not offer as wide an array of pieces as other brands, each piece is so well thought out and unique, that this alone really sets the brand apart from the rest.

A standout piece includes the Aphrodite bracelet which features a chain effect band holding a large druzy or crystal stone. 

Where: Denpasar

Ananda Soul

Based in Ubud, Ananda Soul offers ethically produced jewellery characterised by a bohemian style and design. After moving to Bali in 2008, founder Christina Zipperlen’s brand Ananda Soul was already set on its path. Born out of a desire to combine art, a love for the planet and Bali’s exquisite culture, as well as a passion to empower women and inclusivity, Ananda Soul evolved from a team of two to a team of 22—a group of incredible women from all over Indonesia.

Each Balinese jewellery piece possesses a deeper meaning for the wearer, whether symbolising guidance and intuition, or love, spirituality, protection and healing, each treasure is intricately crafted, with the final result being a timeless piece to last a lifetime. Standout pieces include the One Day At A Time Herkimer necklace, engraved with the same message, representing the need to slow down and smell the flowers every once in a while. The Om Namah Shivaya ring comes in a variation of colours and gemstone options, making each piece unique and set to symbolise the divinity within us. 

Ananda Soul’s pieces are truly timeless and heartfelt. Each piece is accompanied by a detailed description that deep dives into the careful meaning and symbolisation that each embodies.

Where: Ubud, Uluwatu

Bits of Bali

Envisioned and brought to life by Indonesian-born designer, Sri Utami, Bits of Bali showcases the very best of precious gemstones set into timeless, contemporary pieces. At its core are three principles that each piece encompasses: simplicity, versatility and elegance. Having lived among local artisans in Bali for most of her life, Sri’s love for art combined with her background in photography, art and media, shine through in her classy and sophisticated collections that incorporate sterling silver and gold vermeil.

With each piece of jewellery handmade in Bali by local silver and goldsmiths in Celuk, a purchase means more than simply obtaining a sophisticated piece to add to your collection—you’re supporting fair trade objectives and the generational preservation of traditional metal work skills. 

Notable pieces include the Sundari necklace, with a choice of blue topaz, green quartz or rainbow moonstone; the Ibu Luxe necklace, featuring a shiny snake chain with a moonstone gem and an 18-karat gold layer; and the Amethyst and Citrine bracelet, a classic charm and chain bracelet.

Where: Ubud, Jakarta


Embodying raw, imperfect beauty, Rawile offers individuals a treasure chest full of unique unisex jewellery pieces that each tell a story, all handcrafted and finished by artisans in Bali. Dreamt up by Candela and Ricardo in 2019, the vision was to create jewellery full of meaning, that tells a story and offers individuals original pieces they can’t find anywhere else. Today, their brand remains true to its vision, presenting a collection of everlasting quality silver and Bali gold jewellery.

Some standout pieces include the Starry Night ring, inspired by the beauty of the sky and its prevalence no matter where you are in the world. The Unifier necklace symbolises the duality of life, encompassing those who prioritise harmony and good energy. For those searching for something personalised and meaningful, Rawile offers a custom design service to bring individual ideas and concepts to life. 

With a focus on giving back to the environment, Rawile aims to become fully sustainable and currently allocates 10% of their profits to foundations that need aid, having previously made contributions to Bali Life Foundation and Coral Gardeners.

Where: Online only

Sunaka Jewelry

Family-oriented Sunaka Jewelry, is a Balinese silver craft shop located in Celuk. Established in 1979 by silversmith, Ketut Sunaka, the original idea was to have a space to simply display his jewellery. This later turned into a profitable business, with orders coming in from all over the world. In 2009, the business was passed onto Sunaka’s son who today continues to innovate and develop exceptional pieces of jewellery. Their current tagline is “fine contemporary Bali Jewelry”, with this reflecting a core vision to produce only “good quality, smooth, beautiful, detailed and comfortable jewelry”, that incorporates fashion trends, whilst in keeping with traditional Balinese techniques. 

Their most recent collection is the Ombak Segara collection, inspired by the rolling waves of Kuta Beach in Bali and dedicated to the traditional Bun Jawan technique of metalwork—the use of wire combined with jawans (small silver balls), to create the final design.

Where: Celuk

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