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The Handicrafts of Uluwatu Market: Supporting Local Bali Artisans

A haven where local craft and artisanal flair shine—it must be Bali. Home to many self-taught artists who utilise both traditional skills and contemporary technique, an array of handmade items can be discovered across a range of markets in the locale. Showcasing the unrivalled skills of local artisans, Bali’s evolving arts and crafts scene emerges, shining a spotlight on the creative, often innovative processes and stories behind each artist and creation.

Supporting the brilliant local Bali artisans, we’ve sourced some incredible independent artists and craftspeople who can be discovered at Uluwatu Market showcasing their assortment of creations.

Keinora Bali

“We cultivate, we cure, we create”

You may have tried vanilla, but you probably haven’t tried Keinora Bali’s vanilla. Their premium vanilla pods are sustainably grown and cured in Bali, then infused into a range of artisanal products, including plump and aromatic Grade-A vanilla pods, cured to perfection and infused into syrups and jams. 

As a small, family-owned business, their passion for vanilla stretches from the soil to the product-making, with a true dedication to ensuring the quality of process and flavour is carried out in a sustainable way—they’re self-confessed “advocates and protectors” of the vanilla spice. That’s why they work alongside other local suppliers to infuse their products with authenticity, backed by ethical practices. The Vanilla Sea Salt Milk Jam is infused with salt sourced from the last family-owned sea salt farms in Tejakula, north of Bali. Harvested from pristine waters, the jam combines two of Bali’s finest local produce, resulting in the perfect spread for morning toast or eaten straight from the jar.

Keeping it local, Keinora Bali collaborates with local businesses, including Purslane Bakehouse in Denpasar. The bakery uses Keinora’s expertly-cultivated vanilla beans within a range of its sweet treats and custom-made cakes, which are also available to purchase in-store.

These vanilla masters can often be found at various markets, including Uluwatu Market, where they showcase the meticulous process of cultivating and processing vanilla. Visitors are able to immerse themselves in the distinctive aromas of vanilla and enjoy free tastings.

Ella Candles.Co

Delicately hand poured in Ubud, Ella Candles.Co crafts beautifully aromatic home and body products infused with essential oils, all designed to symbolise and offer different benefits. Their main offering includes a range of scented candles, spanning the Sunkissed Candle infused with sunstone, carnelian and citrine, designed to uplift the mood and boost optimism, to the Moonchild Candle, infused with moonstone, labradorite and rose quartz, ideal for soothing, evening self-care rituals. 

An exceptional level of care and detail goes into each and every product using ingredients sourced from Bali. All-natural deodorants, epsom and himalayan salts and reed diffusers infused with crystal stones all promote a sense of wellbeing and restoration. 

Learn the secrets of candle making with Ella Candles.Co’s beginner or advanced workshops, offering special techniques and invaluable advice. Their top insider tips include ensuring the melted wax is stirred thoroughly and essential oils are measured accurately for optimal scent strength. The workshops offer the chance to infuse your own candle creation with individual personality and style. 

These lovingly produced home and body scents can often be found at the Sundaze Uluwatu Market at Hatch Uluwatu every Sunday, showcased amongst a wide array of other local Bali artisans.


Santai Aja Bags

Specialising in delicately handmade leather and rattan bags and accessories, Santai Aja Bags presents a collection of vibrant Bali handicrafts bursting with distinctive designs featuring bright and intricate patterns. Their hand embroidered creations blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary style, ranging from backpacks to crossbody bags. Based in Ubud on Goutama Street, each handcrafted piece is a testament to ancient Indonesian tradition and technique, instilled with contemporary elegance, using cotton thread and prada cotton.

With an overarching mission statement to “support fair trade and carry a piece of Indonesian art with you on your adventures”, Santai Aja Bags are truly one-of-a-kind handicrafts from Bali to treasure.


Hanabi Living

Focused on scents inspired by nature and infused with essential oils, Hanabi Living offers a delightful selection of reed diffusers, linen sprays and aromatherapy products. Beautifully organic and rustic packaging encompasses high-quality concocted ingredients that combine to infuse spaces with calming scents. Weaved throughout their ethos is a self-proclaimed mantra “from Indonesia to Indonesia” and a dedication to make Indonesian-made products better known. 

Their aromatherapy-centric products span java tea linen and room spray, lavender reed diffusers, yuzu scent sticks, jasmine incense sticks, as well as many more scents and variations to choose from. All are designed with a minimalistic look, allowing them to blend seamlessly with existing interiors.

Tenunalus Maura

Focused on offering unique accessories for modern adventures, Tenunalus Maura presents a variety of handcrafted products characterised by the rich heritage of traditional Indonesian ‘wastra’. This refers to the exquisite handwoven fabrics that showcase Indonesia’s diverse cultural tapestry.

Offering functional accessories rooted in Bali’s rich cultural heritage, the artisan’s stand-out product is their Pallavi Yoga Bag, handwoven from traditional Endek Bali fabric. Adorned with distinctive patterns, the bag captures an ethnic ambience, designed with specialised compartments for yoga accessories and offering a modern practical touch. It is a beautiful masterpiece of the beauty of traditional art.

Jewel by Ayr

Finding “beauty in the rough”, Ayr produces one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces, delicately crafted from raw, untreated gemstones and copper wire or vegan leather cord. The result is a beautiful collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more that showcase timeless beauty and always-personalised charm. 

The creators can often be found at various markets in Bali, including Uluwatu Market, where they present a wide array of stones and crystals displayed in charming clay pots. Cast your eyes across dragon blood stone, aquamarine, pink opal, nephrite jade and much more and cherry pick your favourites. The Ayr artists will have a quick consultation with you and then craft the materials and your selected gemstones or crystals thoughtfully into your own unique custom piece of jewellery as you wait. Alternatively, you can choose from a selection of pieces already designed.

Macrame Dreamcatcher Bali

Vibrant or minimalist, large or small—Macrame Dreamcatcher Bali offers an array of wall hangings, mirrors and decorations handcrafted from beautifully natural materials. From shell-encrusted, pineapple-shaped mirrors and grass and rattan decorations with macrame leaves, to intricately patterned cushion and parasol covers, these creators offer a charming form of decoration for anything from weddings to birthdays, photoshoots and home decor. 

For personalised requirements, the team takes custom requests and can make made-to-order items catered to your exact style, design or theme. 

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