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Top 5 things to do during your stay in Uluwatu

Uluwatu is a stunning destination, world-renowned for its quality food, luxury resorts and sensational beaches. But there are plenty more things to do in southern Bali than indulge in delectable cuisine and soak up the sun — there’s a range of great activities to suit your holiday style.

Spa day

Uluwatu has a wide selection of truly luxurious and indulgent spa facilities that offer an idyllic alternative to relaxing at the beach. 

A paradise for tired bodies and a treasure trove for those addicted to their wellness, Uluwatu’s spa selection is seemingly infinite, with a choice of anything from traditional Balinese massages to Ayurvedic therapies. The top resorts in this region are a good place to start if you’re looking for the best treatments, but there are a few stand-out experiences.

Vela Spa at the Ungasan Clifftop Resort wondrously delivers six-star luxury service. The friendly staff offer perfect pampering in tranquil and elegant treatment rooms, or if you’re staying at the resort, in the privacy of your own villa.

Choose between a variety of world-class treatments, such as the Balinese massage, which focuses on stimulating circulation and easing muscle pain. If you’re after something a little more romantic, there’s also the Vela Balinese Romance package, which features a traditional body scrub, a 60-minute massage, followed by a cleansing facial for her and 30-minute reflexology for him.

Perched on a cliff by Padang Padang beach, Anantara Spa sits patiently waiting to spoil its guests with kaolin clay body masks, Javanese Lulur body scrubs and a banquet of other treatments evolved from the spices of an Eastern garden. All of this is set amidst zen-like aesthetics, where wooden floors meet stone walls, and the scent of green plants and aromatherapy oils fill the air.

The Edge is one of the top places to stay in Bali, and its spa is fabulous. It faces a stunning sea cliff and, needless to say, the views are incredible. This alone would be enough to make it one of the best spas in Bali. Yet, to add to it there are the liquid floors, the wall-less rooms, the in-villa baths, the private steam coves — all with views of the Indian Ocean.


A short journey off the beaten track in central Bali and Ubud will lead you to discover one of the country’s hidden wonders — spectacular waterfalls.

It is possible to drive to these incredible forces of nature yourself, but the journey time from south Uluwatu is around two hours, so it’s advisable to hire a driver for the day who can recommend which sites to visit. The sheer number of them will mean you’ll struggle to witness them all in a day, however, there are a few local favourites. 

Due to its sheer size, Nungung Waterfall is rated as one of the best in Bali. It’s located high in the mountains, making the air cooler and the scenic drives through the palm-tree-ladened roads even more beautiful. The short trek through the jungle makes the waterfall an even more satisfying sight to behold.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall is certainly one of the more unique and magical features on this journey. The walk to get down to Tukad Cepung is fairly straightforward, although, you have to wade through a knee-high river and over a few rocks to get there. But once there it’s certainly worth getting your feet wet. The stunning rays of sunlight stream straight through the top of the falls, creating natural beams of light across the canyon-like rock formations, producing sensational scenery. 

Kanto Lampo Waterfall is also one not to be missed. The walk to this amazing feature runs through sublime rice terraces and down into the rocks below. This simple but beautiful journey continues on to reveal a peaceful yet jaw-dropping waterfall nestled into the Bali jungle. Its accessibility and beauty make this one a very popular tourist destination, so it’s worth heading here early in the day.

Private boat charter of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida

If you plan to embark on a real escape from the modern world, then a private boat charter to the remote islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida is a truly unforgettable experience. 

Seemingly unlimited snorkelling opportunities, unspoilt beaches and friendly locals await your arrival from your exclusive yacht, driven by your own captain who will tailor the day to suit your requests. 

Most private charters will offer complimentary snorkel equipment and take you to some of Bali’s best and most remote reefs to see the abundant marine life — including giant manta rays. There are plenty of secluded beaches to drop the anchor and paddle into, but if at all possible you should arrange to visit the stunningly beautiful Kelingking Beach on Nusa Penida.

Luwak coffee plantation tour 

Home to the most expensive cup of coffee in the world, Segara Windhu Coffee Plantation is one of the few places on earth where you can witness the production of this famous coffee bean. 

The site is located a couple of hours from central Uluwatu, but blended with a day trip to Ubud can prove to be an uplifting experience. 

The reason luwak coffee is so expensive — and rare — is because it’s made using the faeces of the Asian palm civet. The animal is fed coffee beans, which it partially digests and excretes. The civet’s digestive enzymes change the structure of proteins in the coffee beans, which removes some of the acidity to make a smoother cup of coffee.

A cup of kopi luwak, as it’s also known, can sell for as much as $700 (USD) a kilo in the United States, however, the beverage costs around $100 (USD) per kilo in Indonesian markets. Beware of fakes though, as it’s hard to prove whether it’s been made using the faeces of the wild civet. The coffee sold at Segara Windhu Coffee Plantation is not only cheaper, but you’re guaranteed to get a genuine version.

Bali Zoo

Uluwatu attractions are certainly varied and diverse, and a relatively short drive away in Sukawati lies Bali Zoo. Animal enclosures can sometimes be ever-so-slightly disappointing, however, what separates this zoo from the rest is the hands-on experience the park offers its guests. 

This family-friendly environment presents the chance to feed and ride elephants. This softly padded, gently moving, ears flapping, lightly swinging experience is a must if you’ve never ridden an elephant before. There are short walks and long treks as well as an ‘Elephant Expedition’ which is a completely separate offering, where the trail goes through a meandering river and past a flowing waterfall.

At Bali Zoo, you get a sense of genuine care towards the animals, and the staff’s impressive knowledge is passed on to visitors via some in-depth and interesting shows about the residing wildlife. You can even pay a small fee to feed some of the more deadly creatures there, like a lion, tiger or crocodile.

*Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, opening times and closures are subject to government guidelines.

Top 5 things to do during your stay in Uluwatu

There’s a range of great activities to suit your holiday style while staying in Uluwatu. The top things to do during your stay in Uluwatu are: enjoying a spa day in Bali, seeing waterfalls in Bali, going on a boat charter of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida, and visiting Bali Zoo.

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