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Uluwatu’s best secluded beaches

The beaches in Uluwatu are nothing short of spectacular. Crystal clear waters, silky white sand, epic breaking waves and unbelievable scenery awaits at every single one. 

The sheer variety of these sun-drenched locales is jaw-dropping and each sandy haven emanates its own unique character. If secluded and quiet are part of your criterium when seeking out your ideal beach, then this list will aid you in your sun-seeking paradise-finding quest.

Thomas Beach 

Despite its infinitely increasing popularity, Thomas Beach still remains a secluded hotspot for holidaymakers and locals alike. From the moment you step onto its soft sand and experience its beautiful and tranquil setting, you’ll realise instantly why this is one of Uluwatu’s most idyllic natural havens. 

Once only accessible via neighbouring Padang Padang (Labuan Sait) beach, now a short trek down a picturesque and rugged staircase will lead you to its yellow sand and two-toned blue water. The 175 steps down are perhaps why it remains a secluded retreat, but it is a small price to pay to reap this beach’s bountiful offering.

The turquoise water is calm enough for swimming, which isn’t always the case in Bali, where the ocean more suited for surfing. The creamy sand is soft enough to lie or stroll on and there’s always plenty of space to feel as if you’ve stumbled upon your own private sanctuary. 

To enjoy the secluded nature of a beach, sometimes you have to sacrifice amenity. Not at Thomas Beach, where you’ll find spots to rent an umbrella or sunbed and discover a small scattering of local huts to buy some much-needed refreshments.

During low tide, you can venture out and find some of the rocky outcrops, secluded beaches and small caves along the nearby coastline. But perhaps the best way to experience Thomas Beach is to simply take a dip and seek respite from the midday sun. On occasion, when the beach picks up the swell that rolls in from the south, it becomes a great setting to surf some uncrowded waves.

Gunung Payung Beach 

Situated near the busier Pandawa Beach, Gunung Payung Beach features one of the best postcard-perfect scenes on the island. 

Once known as Secret Beach, it’s the epitome of paradise, with its powder-white sands, warm tropical waters that are, at low tide, as still as a duck pond, and lush green backdrop that makes you feel as if you’re on the edge of the world.

Only a few tourists stumble upon this picturesque piece of heaven, perhaps because the journey down used to comprise of 301 steps. But the new smoother trail means there’s less of an excuse to make the trip.

What you see is what you get with Gunung Payung Beach. Its secluded nature means there are no restaurants, bars or facilities, but that’s a small price to pay for this stunning location. There’s even a nearby temple that sits atop the cliff face and looks down into the beautiful panorama below.

Suluban Beach 

Despite being below the bustling Single Fin bar, this dreamy destination is a true hidden treasure and perfect for a secret swim. 

Perhaps the reason why this falls into the category of ‘secluded’ is that at high tide, to the untrained eye, it looks like a water-filled cove. However, at low tide, it becomes a little slice of heaven, accessible down some steps and through wondrous caves. 

Suluban Beach can prove a fantastic spot for a refreshing and private dip, but it also provides a key point of access to the world-renowned Uluwatu surf break. Whether it’s for swim or surf, the surrounding cliff faces make this location one of the most beautiful and prettiest beaches in Uluwatu.

Green Bowl Beach

Named after its semi-circular shape and botanical surrounds, Green Bowl Beach is a largely unknown tourist destination. 

Like so many of these beautiful places, the trip down from the cliff face is no walk in the park. But the fruits of your labour will be even sweeter as you instantly become aware of this beach’s irrepressible charm.

Among the unique features of this secluded haven are impressive limestone caves that enclose little rock shrines and offer an abundance of shade. Sit back and watch the surfers ride the forgiving Balinese waves back into shore, or venture out and take a refreshing dip in the tranquil swell.

Depending on the tide, Green Bowl Beach also withholds fantastic snorkelling spots, with calmer areas available on the far side of a natural reef barrier.

Tegal Wangi Beach

This location is an unknown slice of paradise for many holidaymakers, but for the locals, it’s a favourite destination to hang out on the cliffs and on the pristine beach below.

The viewpoint from the top of Tegal Wangi Beach offers spectacular vistas of rugged cliffs and electric blue waters along the southern coastline of the Bukit Peninsula. Traverse down the steps to find several wonderful rock pools on the exposed reef. These natural jacuzzi ponds fill up with the crystal clear water that rolls in from the Indian Ocean. At sunset, this creates remarkable reflections and postcard-perfect scenes.

Stroll along the silky sand to the very end of Tegal Wangi Beach and discover two caves underneath the cliffs. One is relatively small, but the second is much larger and delivers the perfect secluded spot to lay down a sarong and listen to the waves echoing throughout the cave as they crash onto the shoreline.

*Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, opening times and closures are subject to government guidelines.

Uluwatu's best secluded beaches

Uluwatu beaches and Bali beaches are nothing short of spectacular. If secluded and quiet are part of your criterium when seeking out your ideal beach, then this list will aid you in your sun-seeking paradise-finding quest: Thomas Beach, Gunung Payung Beach, Suluban Beach, Green Bowl Beach and Tegal Wangi Beach.

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