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A day trip to Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is an unrivalled pocket of paradise. Filled with natural beauty, untouched beaches, captivating coastlines and friendly locals, a day trip to this stunning island is not only doable, but a must. 

There are plenty of speedboats that can whisk you from the Bali mainland to Nusa Penida in just 45 minutes, while a helicopter transfer can achieve this feat in under 20. Whatever your mode of transport, plenty of sun, sand and adventures await.

Coastline spots

Once you reach the sweeping shores of Nusa Panida, it’s advisable to hire a driver for the day and agree on a price beforehand. There are plenty of drivers to be found at the main harbour and they are more than happy to show you the best sites. 


Kelingking Beach

If views and beach are on your agenda, tell your driver to head to Kelingking Beach as your first port of call. A restaurant is perched atop the bay and is the main entrance point, but walk towards the cliff face to reveal the true splendour of this hidden gem.

From this awe-inspiring vantage point you can see the cove which encloses the unspoilt beach. The cliffs surrounding the pristine white sand and crashing waves resemble a dinosaur, with its head to the left and its body and tail sweeping around the cove — almost as if it were protecting concealed treasures.

Continue down the rugged path along the ancient beast’s spine towards the brilliantly blue waters below. Although the sea is crystal clear, what is hidden to the naked eye is the closeness of the shore break, so be cautious if you plan to cool off in the water — the waves are, however, idyllic for a private surf. 


Angel’s Billabong

The next stunning location on your tour around the coastline is Angel’s Billabong. If you catch this bay at low tide, it reveals a mesmerising cove where you can wade out and take a dip. Enclosed by the cliff faces, this tranquil locale becomes its own natural infinity pool, creating picture-perfect scenery.


Broken Beach

Just a five-minute walk from this intriguing location lies another rock formation that is equally as impressive and millions of years in the making. Broken Beach is a wonderful and jaw-dropping cove that is crowned by a gigantic, naturally formed archway that provides a gateway to the ocean. Unfortunately, there is no way down to experience first-hand the inviting waters below, but it makes for the most amazing vista.


Crystal Bay 

For a coastline destination that is a little more laid back, Crystal Bay presents golden sand, calm waves and excellent facilities to make your day at the beach a supremely relaxing one. The water quality lives up to its name and although there are plenty of snorkelling tours that start from this beach, if you’re able to swim about 30 yards, a bountiful coral reef full of life and possibly turtles lies beneath the waves. If you plan to stay on Nusa Penida for the night, this beach’s westerly-facing direction makes it the ideal spot for the most beautiful sunsets on the island. 


Atah Beach

Atah Beach offers similarly spectacular qualities, but is a classic example of a tidal bay. At low tide all you’ll see is a scattering of rocks spread across the exposed ocean floor, but at high tide, Atah Beach reveals an unparalleled location. A hike down the stairs and past the dense layers of trees and vines will take you to the shoreline and its incredible scenery. In the foreground lay grand rock formations, including an enormous arch that stands proudly against the skyline.

Pura Goa Giri Putri Cave

Perched midway up a majestic mountain in Nusa Panida’s north-eastern tip is the religiously sacred Pura Goa Giri Putri Cave. 

Make your way up a steep winding staircase where the recognisable bright colours of Hinduism can begin to be seen, scattered throughout the path. You are blessed before being shown an unassuming large crack in the mountain’s face. Squeeze through this cramped entrance to reveal the cave’s main chamber where stalagmites and stalactites are intertwined with temple and prayer. 

The sheer grandeur and beauty of this cave is truly fascinating. There are a total of six temples in the main enclosure, each with its own function and charm. After taking the time to soak up some culture and sensational surrounds, there’s a magnificent shrine with a glowing statue of Dewi Kwam Im as you make your exit.

Peguyangan Waterfall 

Religion and nature go hand-in-hand within this cultural and beautiful island, and this magical combination is revealed once again at the Peguyangan Waterfall. Nestled on a south-western cliff face, to reach it visitors have to traverse down distinctly luminescent blue-painted steps that mirror the rolling ocean below. 

A sacred temple awaits at the bottom of the steps, built to bless the fresh water before it meets the ocean. The locals who follow the religious ritual stand beneath four man-made water spouts to cleanse themselves before they receive blessings. 

Shrines and trinkets are spread throughout the site, which eventually leads down to tiered rock pools that edge down to the ocean. The water is some of the purest you’ll discover and they provide idyllic spots to cool off before you head back up the steps.

Teletubbies hill

One of the most photographed spots on the island, the green rolling mounds that surround Teletubbies hill are a perfect escape from urban life. 

Given the nickname due to the verdant greenery that mirrors that of the hills in the children’s TV show, the attractive landscape has become a popular place for wedding and Instagram photos.

This attraction is ideal for holidaymakers who are seeking somewhere remote, natural and simple. There are plenty of paths for a picturesque hike, where you can relax and marvel at the expanse of nature.

Rumah Pohon Tree House

Yet another heavenly spot on Nusa Panida, Rumah Pohon Tree House is an fantastically simple viewing platform over the Indian Ocean. Found on the far eastern tip of Nusa Penida, the wooden and thatched house built into an old yet unassuming tree overlooks the beautiful Thousand Island bay.

From the carpark take a meandering and expansive path that slowly begins to reveal this elegant vista. Once you’ve seen all you can from the incredible Thousand Island viewpoint, the Rumah Pohon Tree House is further down the ridge on your left.

If you want the perfect shot, stand on the hill on the right-hand side of the track to capture the best angle. Sunrise and sunset tend to be the busier times of the day for this attraction and given the multiple colours that bounce off the water below during these periods, it’s easy to see why.

*Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, opening times and closures are subject to government guidelines.

best things to do in Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is an unrivalled pocket of paradise. There’s simply so much to do in Nusa Penida, but there are a few stand-out to see including: Kelingking Beach, Angel’s Billabong, Broken Beach, Crystal Bay, Atah Beach, Pura Goa Giri Putri Cave, Peguyangan Waterfall, Rumah Pohon Tree House, Teletubbies Hill

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